We offer an interactive platform through our health and livelihood services.
We increase efficiency and reduce costs for healthcare providers, while enabling
better health outcomes for patients.

Patient Engagement Services


mfore’s mHealth is a complementary mobile messaging strategy. It helps to strengthen already existing healthcare systems with no need for additional software or hardware expense. We support simple communication tools for field staff of community health workers. Effective communication impacts patient safety, quality and patient satisfaction. In today’s healthcare environment, most caregivers face the challenges of limited time for patient interaction. We support a wide range of healthcare services.

Clinical trials | Wellness services | Disease prevention | Monitoring Surveillance | Emergency response | Practitioner support

From patient preparation till post care


As an example surgery is stressful for patients. They often miss the explanations of preoperative procedures. Timely messages to encourage the patient to adhere to the pre-surgery preparation can avoid the risk of canceled surgery due to poorly prepared patient. Cancelled surgeries and missed appointments are waste of resources and care. For post-operative medication adherence, timely messages can encourage the patient to adhere to the medication plan, which help in quicker recovery and better health. This is vital for creating a good and trustful relationship between the patient and care service provider. Our interactive communication system maps checklists used for pre-surgery preparation and post operative care. Due to the scalable nature of our platform, schedules and plans can be tailored to the needs of every individual patient.

  • Customized reminder schedule tailored towards a patient’s specific needs
  • Important reminders to patients as the surgery date approaches
  • Checklists for pre-surgery preparation and on-site requirements
  • Reminders to encourage post-operative medication adherence
  • Informational messages to reduce post-surgery complications