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We are growing. Started in Finland, now providing Patient Engagement Services in 4 countries.
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Healthcare market

mfore is geared for the most demanding changes in the field of patient engagement. We are capable of catering to the growing business potential in healthcare.

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McKinsey & Company has examined global healthcare in detail and their research indicates that under current trends, the larger developed economies could end up spending nearly 15 percent of their GDP on healthcare within the next two decades. Healthcare challenges are not restricted to developed economies. Many emerging markets find it difficult to provide broad access to healthcare and guarantee minimum standards of quality and safety. To overcome these obstacles around cost, access, and standards, healthcare systems must be highly innovative and inventive in their approach to delivering services. An area of innovation with the potential to make a huge difference is mHealth – the utilization of mobile communication technologies to deliver healthcare services. Examples of our existing mHealth innovations are:

  • SMS alerts that remind patients to take their prescription drugs at the appropriate time
  • Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) to track and report on patient conditions
  • Patient preparation for procedures such as testing and surgery
  • Post care support and follow-up
  • Interactive patient communications for better Patient Engagement

Projected Growth in Healthcare – In Numbers

Projected healthcare spend. Percent of GDP*

OECD Countries 2005 2030 2050 2070
Switzerland 11.6 18.8 27.8 49.8
France 11.1 18.0 26.6 47.6
Germany 10.7 17.4 25.6 45.9
Greece 10.1 16.4 24.2 43.3
Netherlands 9.2 14.9 22.0 39.5
Denmark 9.1 14.8 21.8 39.0
Italy 8.9 14.5 21.3 38.2
UK 8.3 13.5 19.9 35.6
Turkey 7.6 12.3 18.2 32.6
Mexico 6.4 10.4 15.3 27.5
* Linear extrapolation; assumes healthcare continues to grow at +2.0 percentage points above GDP
SOURCE: Forecast model assuming real GDP growth of 2.0%, healthcare spend growing at 0.95/1.9 percentage points above; OECD Policy Implications of the New Economy 2000 – 2050 (2001); Global Insight WMM 2000 – 2037